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Everything You Need to Know About the NCAA and Concussions
Wall St. Cheat Sheet / December 18, 2014

Even if the NFL has received more national coverage, the NCAA has been dealing with its own fallout from their concussion crisis.

Judge Rejects $75 Million Settlement in Lawsuit Against NCAA on Head Injuries
The New York Times / December 18, 2014

A federal judge on Wednesday rejected a proposed $75 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit brought against the NCAA over its handling of head injuries. In a 21-page ruling, the judge questioned the scope of the agreement, whether the amount was sufficient and whether the NCAA had the power to enforce the proposed medical changes.

Music Videos: New Tool for Detecting Brain Injuries
The Washington Post / December 18, 2014

A new eye-tracking technology using music videos points to a fast new way to assess brain injuries, according to a new study in the Journal of Neurosurgery. The results could be especially useful in screening combat veterans because the technology is particularly well-suited for identifying concussions and blast injuries.

Should football be killed?
FastCompany / December 17, 2014

Half of American parents don't want their sons to play football. Meanwhile, the NFL's audience is growing. Why?

NCAA, schools wrestle with concussion protocol penalties
CBS Sports / December 17, 2014

A proposed concussion safety committee in college sports would oversee only the five major conferences, but could become a model for similar committees throughout the NCAA. One big unanswered question: How would a school be disciplined if it doesn't follow required concussion guidelines?

NFL Players Association using brain-injury program designed for military veteran
ESPN / December 17, 2014

A brain-injury treatment program originally designed for military veterans injured on the battlefield has been updated to include professional athletes. Representatives with the Eisenhower Center announced Tuesday that it will be the primary facility used by the NFL Players Association for treating brain injuries and other neurological issues through the After the Impact program.

Expanding the tool kit for detecting, treating traumatic brain injury
Arizona State University News / December 16, 2014

Biomedical engineer Sarah Stabenfeldt has received the National Institute of Health Director’s New Innovator Award to support her work to develop a tool kit with the ability to detect signs of brain injury at the molecular and cellular levels.

Is This The End of Football?
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / December 15, 2014

A former Pittsburgh federal administrative law judge explains how legal liability for long-term injuries and other challenges could kill football.

13 Things You Need to Know About Concussion, Brain Damage and Sports
HealthCare Global / December 15, 2014

Brain injuries occur due to a wide range of internal and external factors, but what effect do sports have on the brain?

5 Things Worth Knowing About Concussion and Contact Sports
University of Michigan Risk Science Center / December 15, 2014

Five things worth knowing about concussion and contact sports.

Here’s How Sony Plans To Fight The NFL On Its Upcoming Concussion Film
BuzzFeed News / December 12, 2014

"concussion is going to piss off the NFL," a strategy memo recovered in a trove of hacked Sony Pictures documents reads.

Football Players Drill without Helmets To Curb Concussions
NPR / December 12, 2014

The idea, according to scientist at New Hampshire University, is to teach players "rugby awareness," so they'll be more likely to keep their head out harm's way. Helmets off, eyes up. Making and taking a hit chest to chest, instead of skull to skull, is easier to remember if you're not wearing a helmet.

Are Navy SEALs affected by repeated blasts?
San Diego Union-Tribune / December 11, 2014

Pilot study in San Diego looks at how Navy SEAL brains are affected by repeated blasts.

Use of progesterone futile in brain injuries: Studies
Press TV / December 11, 2014

Two major studies in the US have concluded that administering the hormone progesterone to people with fresh traumatic brain injuries is entirely ineffective.

Former players argue they had ‘no knowledge’ of concussion science
NBC Sports / December 11, 2014

In newly filed documents, lawyers for former NHL rubbish the NHL’s claims, saying players had “no knowledge of the medical literature, and no understanding of any need to go find it because they relied on the NHL for information about player health and safety.”

Concussions and depression: Questions renewed over whether there’s a link
The Washington Post / December 10, 2014

Medical research is uncovering more links between head injuries and mood and psychiatric disorders.

Big Ten will penalize for not complying with concussion standards
CBS Sports / December 9, 2014

The Big Ten announced Monday new concussion protocol standards that include penalties for non-compliance and use of an independent athletic trainer.

Knock to the Head: A High School Football Player's Story of Traumatic Brain Injury
The Huffington Post / December 9, 2014

Something felt terribly wrong. At first I was just a little woozy. Five minutes later I threw up Taco Del Mar all over the locker room floor, and then had the unfortunate aim of collapsing in it. It was clear that this was unlike any concussion I had received in my past.

Blood test shows promise in diagnosing concussions
Minneapolis Star Tribune / December 8, 2014

For decades, researchers have been seeking a blood test that could diagnose a concussion and tell whether it is severe enough to cause lasting brain damage.

In a big step toward that goal, University of Pennsylvania scientists found that a blood protein called SNTF surged and stayed elevated in professional hockey players with persistent concussion symptoms, but not in players who recovered within a few days.

New Helmet Technology Promises Concussion Relief
Forbes / December 8, 2014

There is a prevalent belief that helmets play a major role in preventing concussion–they do not. Current helmets are primarily designed to prevent skull fracture. There obviously is some protective benefit–but the energy wave from a collision currently moves through the plastic and the liner of a helmet and enters the athlete’s head.  Tate Technology assembled a scientific team of industry experts, engineers, PhD’s and MD’s along with a seasoned board of directors from Fortune 500 companies to find better solutions.  

What Concussions Did To My Emotions
Chicago Tribune / December 5, 2014

How concussions can have a severe emotional impact on someone's once happy life.

The Devastating Health Impact of Concussion May Start Earlier than We Thought
The Huffington Post / December 5, 2014

Research is still emerging on younger players, but according to Dr. Robert Cantu, a neurosurgeon at the Boston University School of Medicine, young athletes may be more vulnerable to the impacts of head trauma because their brains are still developing.

Can PTSD symptoms be traced to concussion-induced pituitary damage?
Los Angeles Times / December 3, 2014

Brain scans suggest that highly active pituitary glands may cause PTSD symptoms in some concussion victims.

Even without concussion, high school football players exhibit brain changes, study says
Fox News / December 3, 2014

High school football players can undergo significant brain changes after only a single season— even if they don’t get a concussion, Wake Forest University researchers have found.

The Mental Health of the College Athlete
The Wall Street Journal / December 3, 2014

In the wake of the apparent suicide of Ohio State football player Kosta Karageorge, what does the NCAA need to do to ensure players the adequate mental health services?

Ohio State Football Player's Death Draws Attention To Head Injuries
NPR / December 2, 2014

Kosta Karageorge was found dead of an apparent suicide. His mother reportedly told police he sent her a text message before he disappeared saying concussions had messed up his head.

Concussions, by the New Book
The New York Times / December 1, 2014

A hit to the head of an N.F.L. player, once cause for little more than a shrug, now sets in motion a long management protocol, outlined in an inches-thick document.

The Best Concussion-Detecting Devices Available for the NFL
SportsTechie / November 26, 2014

The concussion detecting devices that may provide the NFL with opportunities for the league to keep players as safe as possible.

Concussion Culture: How to Protect Young Athletes
Scientific America / November 25, 2014

Some athletes still lack an appreciation for the seriousness of concussions and the recovery process. So how can educators, coaches, and trainers help ensure the safety for young athletes?

Studying Effect of Concussion on Teen Drivers
WKRC Cincinnati / November 25, 2014

Several studies are underway to determine how soon teen athletes who suffer concussions can get back to playing their sports. But there's a far more dangerous question for teens who drive: When can they get back behind the wheel?

Hall of Famer Harry Carson: Football Wasn't Worth Concussion Symptoms
Sports Illustrated / November 24, 2014

NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Harry Carson told Penn State radio station WPSU that he would not do his football career over again if given the choice.

Brain Injury Expert Says Concussions Having Devastating Impact on Football
KBTX / November 24, 2014

A doctor who has studied the brains of 80 former NFL players says the brain damage from hard hits continues to progress after the player retirees.

Parent Dilemma: When A Kid’s Concussion Lingers On
WBUR / November 24, 2014

Most concussions pass quickly, but some kids have long-lasting symptoms that can keep them long benched from school and sports. How to cope?

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