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Father and Son Getting to Know Each Other Again After Brain Injury Father and Son Getting to Know Each Other Again After Brain Injury

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[Abby Maslin, Caregiver, Wife, Mother, and Teacher] After TC was injured I had this idea in my head that when they were finally reunited, TC and Jack, that it would just be incredible and there would be all this love and emotion, but what happened is that Jack became very dependent on me after TC wasn't there for a while. So, when I first brought Jack to the rehab hospital to see TC, he didn't recognize him at all. He started running toward TC's wheelchair, but I realized a moment later that was because I was standing behind it and then he came and grabbed my leg, and I thought, "Oh, God, poor TC. He hasn't seen this boy in so long."— and Jack was really—he was really kind of nervous and out of place and didn't understand what was happening. When TC got home and it became clearer that this was the new family and we were all going to be together and that nobody was going away again, I think Jack became a little more curious about TC. It took months, though, to warm up to TC again and to really accept him as his father. And I think, even now, Jack is still more dependent on me than he was before TC's injury. Before TC's injury, TC was Jack's, really, primary caregiver. I worked so many hours that TC and Jack were often together without me. So, that's been a really big shift in our family. It's gotten much, much better since TC and Jack have had the opportunity to be home together during the week, but I still see some of that kind of attachment stuff that evolved in the first few weeks of the injury.

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Caregiver Abby Maslin talks about how her toddler son reacted to having his injured father home again.

Produced by Victoria Tilney McDonough, Justin Rhodes, and Christian Lindstrom, BrainLine.


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