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Finding the Right Doctor for People TBI Finding the Right Doctor for People with TBI

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How does a caregiver know when it's time to search for a new doctor or a new team? There is no easy answer to that one. You're asking me good questions. I think that certainly one should feel free to look for other opinions and get other opinions. Many physicians have a problem with patients requesting "second opinions," but I think you have a right to do that as a caregiver, as a patient, and all too often, physicians take that as a slap in the face to their own opinion, but I think ultimately, we as physicians need to facilitate those kinds of requests, not, in any way, inhibit them. I think that we need to encourage people to educate themselves, and some of the resources have been mentioned already. If you see things about new treatments for, for example, vision loss or perceptional impairments, you need to broach those kinds of questions to the treater and if the treater is not aware of that intervention, they need to refer you to places where you can get information about that treatment.

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Dr. Nathan Zasler, an internationally respected physician specialist in brain injury care and rehabilitation, talks about how caregivers need to educate themselves about their loved one's TBI and not be afraid to get a second opinion.

This is an excerpt from BrainLine's webcast Caregiving and TBI: What You Need to Know. See full webcast here.


Nathan D. Zasler, MD Nathan D. Zasler, MD, Nathan Zasler, MD is CEO and medical director for Concussion Care Centre of Virginia, Ltd. as well as CEO and medical director for Tree of Life Services, Inc.  He is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and fellowship trained in brain injury.

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Comments [13]

I suffered TBI 10 years ago .Since then I have been taking excessive alcohol as an escape from my pains, sleeping disorder, nightmares, epilepsy, loss of taste and smell. My marriage has broken up and I am separated from my family. I am desperate. Will someone help?

Nov 22nd, 2016 6:20pm

I fell through a roof 11 years ago and was in a coma they had to remove quarter of my skull to give my brain room to swell they found a blood clot on the brain I also had multi organ failure , i have epilepsy because of this . I gave never heard of tbi before and have been to many councilors and doctors one assessment said I had bipolar but everyone palms me off. I decided to live with this and have struggled every day of my life living in my brain and I no I'm different to everyone else I read the symptoms and I am actually crying with relief that someone finally understands what it is I've been going thru for all these years I'm not a psycho there's a diagnosis for why I am this way thank you where do I go from here? The gp palms me off

May 24th, 2016 7:49pm

I had a accident in 2012 in that accident my mind is injured i lose 1 year memory and till now i can't remember names address date day and what i did yesterday all these i want to recover from this problem

Sep 5th, 2015 1:02am

I'm having exact symptoms of 41 yr old male after a series of 4 auto collisions although he didn't mention the PTSD, sleep depravation, night terrors, which have continued for more than 11 years.  The isolation and separation from all who can't cope with my altered appearance and my extreme hyper-sensitivity is probably the worse. All attempts to find any Doctor who's remotely capable of comprehending the ongoing, unrelenting dilemma of so many riddling symptoms is less likely than winning the Power Ball Lottery. Most often, I wonder why I'm stubbornly holding onto a life which would be better off ended rather than continuing to suffer under the oppressive force of the constant and acute misery of phenomenal and excruciating PAIN.

May 13th, 2015 7:01pm

I have read over these comments  an I'm amazed and horrified at the medical care received. What amazes me even more is you allowed your loved one to be misdiagnosed by these incompetent, supposed professionals. A TBI already is a tough hand to be dealt. To be incorrectly treated is beyond comprehension. Find in the phone book treatment centers for TBI. If the medical community is going to fail your loved one, don't you follow suit. Come on, use your head and get some help for the person afflicted..................the sooner you tackle the problem, the sooner the road to recovery is softened. I know from experience. AC........................................................34years!!!

Mar 2nd, 2015 10:02pm

I am the mom/caregiver to my 32 year old son. He got his TBI from a car accident when he was 17. After getting through this he got a GED, got a trade and worked in till he was 25, but all along we knew something wasn't right. We had never been around anyone with seizures ,all this time he was having focal seizures and when he was 25 he started having partial complex losing consciousness. He would have several a month Doctor said he couldn't drive or work..Two years later he started having Psychosis he takes meds for all this he sleeps and is like a zombie..He has no social life other than family...Do you think he could ever have a more normal life ? It breaks my heart as his mom..

Feb 26th, 2015 1:21pm

Hi, I am Karen.  I am the mother of a 36 year old daughter who  has an ABI, resulting from three major seizures.  She had a partial left frontal lobe removed, to remove 4 lesions.  And, still has 2 lesions on the top of her head.. She is suffering greatly, and is struggling with getting help.  What can I do and where do I turn to for help.. A very concerned Mother...

Feb 8th, 2015 10:31pm

I'm 41 year old male diagnosed with tbi after two seperate accidents one 11 years ago one 3.5 years. My scores on the npq tests show scores ranging to appropiate age to 9-12 years of age. Have classic signs of issues of tbi as well as hypersensitive to substances and medications. Doctors say I got what I got. As far as brain injury migraines, confusion, intermittent dementia, cognitive issues, depression, low tolerance of people, loud noise and light intolerance, startle easy, hyper aware, intermittent paranoia, easily redirected. What are some things I can do to for a long term positive outlook. 

Dec 2nd, 2014 9:26am

Dr mis diagnose a tbi. Then hide behind somatoform disorders."somatic"and and use the med cimunity ti hide it.

Oct 28th, 2014 6:07pm

My name is Kevin. I have never been diagnose with tbi. But after multi head injuries over the years I look like a drunk from time to time, some times I get lost even the I know the area, extremely get mad and depressed rapidly over very small things,I go blind from time to time in left eye and blurred vision in my left eye, headaches that have been happening for over 2 years and no dr will listen to me nor people in my family. I need to know of a good dr in Dallas area that will listen and help. I don't have faith any more with drs

Sep 26th, 2014 1:31pm

My brother Robert Stoffel suffered TBI in a car accident aproximately 38 years ago. Was sent to courage which at the time helped him temendously. However time had marched on and he is in a group home in Kenosha Wi. and his attitude and agressiveness is becoming a problem. He is a diabetic and sees an Internist for that named Dr. Santerelli. He also sees a phychiatrist (name unknown to me) for depression. They mean good but I don't think they really take into consideration his TBI. Rob has a wobbly gait which over the years he has used a cane and now a walker because he falls a lot but of course when they ask him how he fell he doesn't know (short term memory loss). He has had many tests but in the long run are treating him like a "normal patient". We are all so frustrated and want the best care for our brother. He has led a sad life and his decline is hard on family and caretakers. Rob is 60 years old and in my opinion needs to be under the care of a Dr. that understands his needs along with his medical conditions. Can you help him?

Thank you  Patricia Stracke (sister)

Aug 25th, 2014 11:31am

I was headbutted by our horned ram (think big horned sheep) which then forced my head back and i hit the back of head. I went into auto pilot and got out of there if not i would have been killed. With bloody nose and stumbling i finished chores as i was tge only one home to do it but have no recollecction of it. Went to emerg. Because i didnt pass out i was sent home. No ct mri xray. My dr also did nothing when i went to him. I was continually told that because i didint lose conciousness i was okay. Stars dizzy nausea confusion and headaches were never taken into account. I also developed a leaky ear. Same ear a few dys of intense headaches over right eye then i waje uo with a wet ear. Dr finally sent for mri but was clear nothing wrong. He doesnt know what it is end of story. All this research is great byt if the on the ground drs dont know it it is useless. live just outside of toronto.

May 2nd, 2014 12:19am

We live in a small Canadian province with limited medical care and have had many problems since our 16 year old daughter was injured in a fall.Difficulty getting her brain injury diagnosed, as it was a closed head injury,and we needed to go to Toronto to get an F MRI for this.Difficulty getting the neuro to treat her almost daily seizures. The frustration with rehab was unbelievable.Our granddaughter has a dystonic in her leg, loss of strength and feeling in her arm, and problems with her left eye, as well as the seizures.She is currently in hospital with depression, following 2 suicide attempts. We feel the medical profession has let us down over and over again.

Nov 20th, 2013 7:31pm


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